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Uma.mi Steamer S

Features 特色

The way to keep in good health 養生之道

Prep easy in grease free kitchen! 無油煙養生料理

15 seconds fast heating 15秒快速加熱

Retain nutritional value of all ingredients! 快速鎖住食物營養

Taste the nature flavor of food! 品嚐食物原有味道

Multi-functional 多功能

Steam / Stew / Cooked 蒸/燉/煮

Make the Best Broth in your Kitchen 簡單步驟變出精華高湯

Food juice to go through and gathered in the bottom pot, can makes the perfect broth for cooking porridge & noodles.



Instructions for use 使用說明

Umami steamer water tank must be use RO pure water or distilled water


The tap water is filled with harmful impurities, if use in the Umami Steamer water tank will cause water pipes to block.



Cleaning and Maintenance 清潔及維護

Regular cleaning water tank 定期清潔底座

Need to clean once every two weeks 需兩週清潔底座一次

Edible white vinegar 130ml / citric acid30g


You use "edible white vinegar 130ml" or "edible citric acid 30g" for cleaning every time. 每次請使用"可食用白醋130ml"或"可食用檸檬酸30g"來清潔底鍋

Refer to operating instructions 請參閱說明書

Please refer to the operating instructions. 詳細清潔事項請參閱說明書


Technical Specifications 產品規格

• Water Tank Volume 儲水箱容量: 1.4Liter

• Dimensions 機身尺寸:(L)370mm x (W)256mm x (H)235mm

• Net Weight 淨重 2.8kg