PureSol™ Technology





At Pureliving, we know that people want clean and hygienic environments - at home, on the road, and at work. We also believe that chemical detergents are not the answer, since they often introduce another, and at times harsher, form of contamination. This is why we developed PureSol™ Purifying Technology.

The sun is the center of our universe and the most powerful source of energy known to humanking. It's also our best friend and constant companion. The sun emits the light rays that make life possible, along with rays that have sterilizing and disinfecting properties: ultraviolet light rays.

For this reason, the sun acts as a massive balancing device, creating a state of permanent equilibrium in which life can trive while purity is maintained. We believe that this is an ideal state of life.

Inspired by this all-natural approach to cleaning, wedeveloped PureSol™ Purifying Technology, a technology that utilizes ultraviolet light to help create not just a completely clean and sterile environment, but also one that is truly pure and fresh - and that enables you to feel refreshed.