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Product Pictures

Natural Sanitizing
Cutting Board System


Knives are some of the most commonly used tools in the kitchen and can be used to cut vegetables as well as raw meat. As every aspiring chef knows, this also imposes certain hygiene and health risks. The Pureliving Natural Sanitizing Knife Holder will put your mind at ease again and allow you to focus on preparing fresh and tasty dishes.



• PureSol™ purifying system kills 99.9% germs, bacteria and viruses.

• One-Touch Sanitization

• Automatically shuts o aer 20 minute sanitizing

• Sanitization Status Feedback Light

• Four cuing boards individually for fish, meat, fruit and vegetable, to avoid tainting.

• Anti Tip-Over Sensor

• Can be used free-standing or wall-mounted

• Dimensions: 14”L x 3”W x 12.75”H / 36.2cm x 8.2cm x 32.4cm